Protosphère de Master-franchise "Web Nouvelle Génération" de Planet+Ultra®, par Daniela BERNDT

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The purpose of this web construction panel, which I just remastered according to the instruction needs of the second part (2020) of the second remastering cycle (started in 2019 [1]) of my entire NetPlusUltra®-sustained concept demonstration track (version 3.0 thereof upgraded with RapidWeaver 8), is to lay the statutory bases of the global endowment fund dedicated to the master franchising solution of the same name. The draft placeholder version of these organizational statutes is already available in the form of a statutory specifications sheet on the Trustfolio website I had to prepare in late 2018, as the author and program manager in charge (2).
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As the main headline indicates, this reader’s guide is conceived so as to enable visitors to better apprehend the various sections which aggregate the present dashboard (whose RSS feed will remain disabled), in compliance with the conceptual separation of concerns rationale. In order to reconsider this module against the retro-prospective background of the genesis thereof, please refer to the foreword of the present blog page (1).
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Laying the statutory groundwork for the globally NetPlusUltra®-sustained endowment fund implies to begin by pre-assigning each country eligible for membership with the master franchising system to its future hub of conceptual assignment, using the blog entries of the present blog page so as to assemble an alphabetical index of PCT contracting states (1) along the following threefold eligibility rationale:
  1. UN member state (2)

  2. WIPO member state (3)

  3. PCT contracting state (4)

…whereby the above rationale does not fundamentally exclude non-contracting states (as of yet) from the future master franchising system.
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The conceptual criteria of pre-assignment to the master franchising system of Planet+Ultra®, which I presented in 2015 as part of the publication of my Gridfolio (1), are civilizations-related, as illustrated in the table of contents of this blog, in the form of one separate category (one future sovereign hub) for each civilization, hence the name "Hubfolio".
"Hub 0" designates the NetPlusUltra®-sustained "ISOsphere" that will provide the web-enabled master franchising services of the same name, which also means that each civilizational ISOsphere (worlds 1 to 7) to be supplied by the said "Point 0" will be sustained by a conceptually sovereign implementation of the Codex+Ultra®, understood in the sense of "master solution" in the field of web franchising.
While it is already demonstrated that the infrastructure of implementation, supply and maintenance of the web-enabled master franchising services (2) will have to be provided by the said "ISOsphere 0" to supply eligible contracting parties, it is the citizens of each of these countries who, upon individual registration through the (conceptual intermediation of the) Single Conceptual Declaration (3), will provide - through their contributions - for the aggregation of a spectroscopy for decision-making that is representative of their respective civilization (4).
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Whereas the categories provide a conceptual preview of the future (of the) history of these civilizations (1), in the form of a specifications-oriented draft dashboard for decision-making, the tags serve to categorize each country by geographic continent (2), according to a geopolitical convention that most of us know since primary school.
For practical reasons of conceptual objectivation, it is the seven-continent model that I have chosen, whereby Antarctica is absent from the tags list for lack of contracting states.
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The Archive section contains my production changelog to version 3.0/2020, considering that I will have to complete the latter in several steps due to the quantity of blog entries contained therein (2).
Considering further that this web page is rather to be considered as a blog-enabled sheet of specifications than as a newsfeed, the RSS feed thereto will remain disabled so as to prevent the underlying alphabetical index from uselessly spoiling my RSS-enabled catch-up trail (1).
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The images contained in the blog entries of the alphabetical index of PCT contracting states are taken from two complementary sources:
  • The orthogonal projection of each country is excerpted from the corresponding Wikipedia page, together with a geographic map when available on the same page (1).
  • When such a geographic map is not available on Wikipedia, the "CIA World Factbook (2)" serves as an alternative source.
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Insofar as the purpose of the present specifications-related version is also to motivate potential users to develop their own customized dashboards, the "Useful Links (2)" post provides a few redirections to external bibliographic and web resources for further research.
As a long-term teleworking instrument for decision-making, this web-enabled construction panel will be republished to a new sub-domain as soon as it will become necessary to reassign the present web address, within the context of the publication of the registration portal pending production and validation under ".eu" (1).
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