The NetPlusUltra®-Sustained Master-Franchise for Societal R&D, by Daniela BERNDT

All it takes to get the big picture

…of what will be going on in there - from the lab to the field, and back to the basics - is one more crossing of the Hypercube. The return to square one is part of the service!

Safe redirections
The NetPlusUltra®-sustained master-franchising program for web entrepreneurs and related newsfeed(s):
The author of the program and her life project:
The legal framework to be conceptualized:
Starting from a systemic vision...
...1) of a better network:
...2) of a new economy:
...3) of a new society:
For target audiences, a self-assessment exercise in conceptual convergence...
...towards the registration portal into the (future) franchising network, which will be hosted at the present web address:
...through the catch-up feeds of the publication phase:
Last but not least, an introduction to, in the form of a conceptual feedback forum (please note that you may experience display issues while trying to connect to this WordPress module with a dynamic IP address):