Protosphère de Master-franchise "Web Nouvelle Génération" de Planet+Ultra®, par Daniela BERNDT

EN • Foreword to v3.0/2020

Welcome to the entirely remastered third edition of this web construction panel dedicated to the infrastructural delimitation of the (future) perimeters through which the web services of the global NetPlusUltra®-sustained master franchising system for societal R&D will be provided.
Three years after the publication in January 2017 of the initial version thereof, which you will find in the EN subsection hereto, this new consolidated version provides a retro-prospective of what is at stake in the master franchising of the entire internetwork, when the objective is to re-empower the user with the means to assume his (her) author responsibilities with regard to the optimization of his (her) civic life project, without conferring anyone the power to abuse such author rights.
Societal Watch
In terms of societal intelligence at large, the NetPlusUltra® impulsion was born in the extremely conflictual context of the disintegration, in June 2000, of my own projective simulation bubble, against the background of the burst of the Internet bubble, a situation which was at the time comparable to the clash of two world views entering in (psychic) conflict for being all too perfectly antagonistic: the humanist view, which places the human factor at the heart of all considerations, and the techno-centric view, which misuses the same human factor for the benefit of technological domination (1, 2).
After twenty years of a techno-societal revolution against the backdrop of a permanently matrix-enabled counter-expertise, the master franchising solution to be implemented constitutes today a perfectly optimized conceptual synthesis of both antagonisms, insofar as the said concept solution aims at endowing each autonomous individual capable of self-management with the means:
  • to make himself (herself) eligible for affiliation with the master franchising system, if this prerequisite is not fulfilled;
  • to affiliate directly when (s)he is eligible in such a way that can immediately be confirmed.
However, such a problem-solving approach can only work if implemented along a globally localized (i.e. "gLocalized") rationale, considering that not doing so could induce migration flows that would only inflate problems by displacing the latter. This further requirement implies to endow:
  • each non-user of the internet with the means to affiliate with the master franchising system at a duly franchised contact point nearby,
  • each internet user, with the means to register directly from home,
…considering further that the membership of (temporarily or permanently) incapacitated individuals falls - in any case - under the responsibility of a supervising authority to be delegated to either one of the above-mentioned target profile groups (ideally the second type).
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Legal Watch
In terms of "equally legal opportunities", the primary objective has always been, right from the start of the preparation in early 2005 of my request at first instance to the French State Council (1, 5), to formalize the materialization of an idea that my busy mind had been incubating for quite some time already (2), namely: a conceptually self-regulating legal framework for self-governance, a challenge which would soon raise the question of the patentability of such a concept solution under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).
The conceptual outcome of the ensuing feasibility audit development along all dysfunctional interfaces between public and private sectors, with a view to the publication of a concept demonstration (3, 4), is a web-enabled master franchising solution for societal R&D which enables me, as the global solution and web services provider, to graft the latter onto any type of existing eligible (i.e. fundamentally compatible) perimeter, including the PCT itself as a legal framework and development level indicator.
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Economic Watch
With regard to the most appropriate business model, the challenge - in terms of conceptual implementation - consisted in developing a formula for cognitive empowerment supportive of complex decision-making in systemic network environments, which would remain both respectful of existing laws and regulations, provided the latter demonstrate their legitimacy by the proof of concept, and compliant with the ideal of free expression of cultural diversities (2).
Meeting this challenge implies to deploy a matrix-enabled infrastructure for conceptual integration conceived so as to provide for the convergence of individual, collective and other common interests in the same direction, i.e. whose architecture will promote the self-alignment (1, 4) of individual micro-economic objectives with a macro-economic regulatory principle, in order to guarantee that the underlying web-sustained master franchising system will remain permanently optimized by the concept formula (3).
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In organizational and techn(olog)ical terms, laying the participative foundations for collaborative business intelligence has consisted - right from the start of the emergence of the public Internet in Europe, at the turn of the century - in not giving way to the techno-centric enthusiasm for open access to gadget-sustained contents, which promote nothing but rat races, and to rather adopt a prudential approach based on conceptual optimization through: administrative simplification, the differentiation of uses (anonymous vs. identified; personal vs. professional on the one side, as opposed to public vs. private on the other), knowledge integration, intellectual property-enabled protection of contents, and on the securement of (free or paid) access to the latter (1).
The outcome of the ensuing home business-oriented "Research in Development" is a web-enabled "New Generation" master franchising solution published for the attention of target audiences in the form of a concept demonstration available on the net (2), with a view to enabling each internet user aware of what is at stake - regardless of whether (s)he intends to become an affiliate member or not - to experience a change of paradigm between informal uses (prevailing in social networks) and best practices (in the field of intellectual property rights protection), through a feasibility assessment report aiming to promote a broader understanding of the conceptual-separation-of-concerns rationale (3, 4).
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Cultural Watch
With regard to the defense of the right of free expression of cultural diversities against geopolitical oppression, the self-protection of the individual considered as a minority (1) essentially depends, by virtue of the above array of issues, from the access to the (legitimately legal) means to help oneself out of any given situation, a prerequisite which, in a network of interconnected leaking buckets such as the one we all suffer today, is both a matter of political will and a truth that does no longer fool anyone.
Solving an equation which seems impossible to define - when considered as a dilemma holding the prisoner captive of a fragile equilibrium - implies to (be [en]able[d] to) project oneself outside of the geopolicial arena, and to set course for Planet+Ultra® (4) along the concept demonstration track showcasing the necessary change of paradigm, knowing further that the said demo is conceived so a as to provide a conceptually unified vision of all parameters which define a "gLocal access to a global solution (3)", regardless of which needed resources are missing (2).
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Integrative Watch
The conceptual integration of all these issues of one and the same global imbalance (1) into a web-enabled master franchising solution unified on the foundation of an unique healthy conceptual core (2) implies to envision a redeployment of all parts of the whole continuum towards a new horizon of all possible futures (3), on the grounds of the one denominator which is common to the great majority of individuals, namely: the incubation process (fertilization and fecundation included) though which we (nearly) all come to life, considering further that artificial procreation techniques could never have been invented either without such a body of knowledge and proof.
In terms of the concrete application thereof, the outcome of the above mentioned conceptual reintegration is the Codex+Ultra® of best integrated management practices, which, as the source codex and body of knowledge of the web-enabled master franchising system, will provide each prospective affiliate or franchised member a matrix-enabled user experience all at once unified, distributed and decentralized so as to respond as closely as possible to everyone’s needs and concerns in matters of sustainable web development (4).
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Scientific Watch
As a token for sustainable web development, the short-, medium- and long-term conceptual unbreachability of the web-enabled master franchising system stems entirely from the fundamental legitimacy thereof beyond all multidimensional building blocks which, as successive steps of one and the same incubation process, lay the groundwork for a specific concept demonstration: societal, legal, economic, organizational, technical, cultural, integrative and scientific (1).
In other words, this simply means that any and all violation of the very conceptual integrity principle which compels the author to establish the moral legitimacy of whatever (s)he is creating, would relegate the demonstration to the status of counterfeit (in the case of a non-affiliate user), turning the counterfeiter into his (her) own first victim, or would invalidate the granted incubation license in the case of a franchised member, thereby translating into a malus.
The macro-economic damage of a (politically motivated) non-protection of the web-enabled master franchising solution for societal R&D, i.e. the non-recognition of my own moral and financial rights over the web services (2) of which I am the legitimate developing author and provider, would materialize just as irrationally (as an attempt at fraud set to fail) in the form of a systemic stalemate slowly but surely leading all users of the resulting hybrid interconnection of counterfeited buckets to economic suicide (3, 4).
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